Well Testing Analysis: Applied Course in Tight Gas Formation

Well Testing Analysis: Applied Course in Tight Gas Formations (Course 101)

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Course Description:

The benefit of this course is triple. First amont the upcoming categories of courses (Advanced,Theoretical, and Applied) this one is Applied. Second, it is based and built upon a real Case Study.Third, it applies to an increasingly important part of the hydrocarbon reserves , unconventional reserves in this case Tight Gas.

Key Points:

  • Case Study:Re-interpretation of Well test results in Tight Gas sandstone for an Exploration project.
  • Detailed analysis of Flow periods in DST (Tight formation,Low reservoir pressure)
  • Review of DST characteristics on specific Tight gas fields.                       

Preliminary Resources

Step 1: Read the following Context Explanation:

The course shows typical real life examples of elements to understand and solve based on a typical Exploration project of a field renamed ''ALPHA'' and  located in North-Africa. The field is a Tight gas field , and the formations are Devonian formations with permeabilities between 200-300 mD, and Ordovician formations with heavily cemented Quartzite sandstones with average permeability ranging from 0,01-0,1-1 to 10mD up to 50 mD.

Step 2: To help get you started, it is recommended to view the following video on Pressure vs. time on a typical DST:

Video Link

What's included?

14 Videos
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Ali Cherif Azi
Ali Cherif Azi
Sr Reservoir Engineer & Production Engineer

Ali Cherif Azi has 10 years of diversified experience in the Petroleum Industry  with Statoil and BP & PGNIG, in Norway (Norwegian Continental Shelf) and internationally, including projects in North Africa (Algeria), United Kingdom (UK North Sea, Southern England) with special expertise in reservoir engineering with emphasis on Field Development, Operations ,evaluation of depletion strategies and production optimization in a wide spectrum of oil and gas fields.Ali Cherif Azi  holds previous and current experience as Expert Lecturer at EHEA School on Subsurface Uncertainties and Risk Management in Oil&Gas Industry.

With respect to the current training, it includes experience over 35 Onshore & Offshore Oil&Gas Fields, comprising of over 15 Tight Gas Fields in which he focused strongly on the Pressure Transient Analysis aspect.

One of his main expertise, and interest covers Well Testing Analysis, including planning and design, using theoretical tools or state of the art commercially-available software.

He graduated from Imperial College London (UK) with a MSc. In Petroleum Engineering in 2007, and holds an MSc in Fluid Mechanics and Heat Exchange from ENSEM Nancy (France) in 2005.


Evaluation of confidence intervals in well test interpretation results. Society of Petroleum Engineers. Authors: Azi, A. C., Gbo, A., Whittle, T., & Gringarten, A. C. (2008, January 1).



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Allan Feldmann

Pressure Transient Analysis

Very Good course! the Lecture gives a sound approach of practical situations for the beginner or experienced well test interpreter...One of the few focalizing on Unconventionals such as Tight Gas and Oil sandstones...

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